Multi-functional pen holder, perfect combination of writing tablet and office supplies.

Multi-functional pen holder, perfect combination of writing tablet and office supplies.

time: 2017-12-12

Small as a stitching needle, a clip, a pencil, big as a scanner, a copy machine, our life and work have been used to make the contact with all kinds of stationery for a long time. Nowadays, more and more stationery brands have been march towards to smart stationery field, trends to the road of movement and environmental protection. December of 2016, We made a multi-functional brush pot for our long term customer VSON, it is the first time to build the writing film in the office supplies.


There are lots of inventions in the world, mainly for solve some small daily issues, just like the small nail on the wall, so ordinary. But if your use it in somewhere accidentally, they shows their extraordinary talents on the contrary, like this creative brush pot---combine with the original brush pot and LCD writing sticky note. 

From the function, this creative brush pot can contain the pen, scissors, binder clips, tapes, business cards and some common office supplies, but the main advantage is the LCD writing sticky note, build the writing tablet into the brush pot, extend the functions of “memo, mark, notes, leave message”, convenience, beautiful and tidy, make our work more efficient and funny. 

We all know, the sticky notes use the glue, the advantage is convenience, but the disadvantage is lost easy, so it exist risk to record the important information with sticky notes.  But record on this brush pot, don’t worry it will disappear because of the bad stickiness of the sticky notes, the office table can keep clean and tidy.

Besides the powerful basic functions, this brush pot can motivate your creative thinking. Is it too boring of your work notes? It doesn’t matter, use the beautiful brush pot, you can paint a blackboard newspaper like you did when you are at childhood. Is it too dull of your daily work report? It’s not a big problem, use this brush pot, you can make it to a culture wall, to find some inspiration in painting.

Stationery industry is typical “small product, big market”, huge consumer group provide a continuously consumer demand for the stationery. POLICRAL know very well,  stationery is develop to creative, brand and higher level, company will understand customer’s demand, catch the creative direction, make our products more suitable for users demand, keep improve our R&D ability, establish a difficult to cross barrier to our competitors, build a good basics for POLICRAL whole competitiveness.

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