Tape measure with writing tablet, record don’t need pen and paper again.

Tape measure with writing tablet, record don’t need pen and paper again.

time: 2017-12-12

Tape measure, an important small tool in our daily life, since we knew it, never changed. We use it to measure the size, then record the data, this traditional method seems inconvenience and waste time, but always be accepted.

August of 2017, On the basis of the first successful combination writing tablet and office supplies, we cooperate with VSON again, designed the tape measure with the writing function, once again to show the widely usage of the writing tablet.


You think this creative tape measure just with a LCD writing film? No,it is not so easy, it is versatile in fact, can make your measure more efficiently and convenience.

Indeed, there is no big difference from this creative tape measure and the traditional one from the appearance, just in one side, there is a round shape writing area and a green button. Based on our custom in the past, after the measurement,we will record the data with paper immediately, and notice is for which object, is very inconvenience and waste time, sometime we feel annoyed when is hard to find the paper and pen. But this creative tape measure can solve this problem perfectly. No need the paper and ink, after measure, we can record the data on the writing area directly, and just press to erase when we don’t need it.  

If “innovation”is a key can take us to a higher level of the life, now we still stay at a lower step,  lots of things we know have been exist for so long time, so that we have been used to accept their “inconvenience”. POLICRAL R&D team found the uncomfortable experience ignored by us, a little change can create a big improvement,  creative the ordinary tape measure, make our life more convenience, work more efficiency. Also showed on the other side, to displace the pen and paper, LCD writing tablet is prominent it’s  practicability and advantages in more and more fields.

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